Rose Black Tea (50 g)

Rose Black Tea (50 g)

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Buy Rose Black Tea (50 gm) from orderhealth. ROSE BLACK TEA is a whole leaf black tea infused with 100% rose flavor, that is long lasting.


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ROSE BLACK TEA is a whole leaf black tea infused with 100% rose flavor, that is long lasting. This tea is also good for preparing ice teas.


Health benefits : Contact us for this information.


Neither milk nor sugar (sweet in any form) should be added if you want to derive maximum health benefits.



-   Organic

-   Whole leaf

-   2 leaves and 1 bud

-   Second Flush

-   100% natural flavor 

-   Use 2 times

How to steep (prepare) Rose Black Tea?

 -   Bring water to boil (unless you’re making green or 100% white tea where the water should not be boiled fully to avoid ‘cooking’ the delicate tea leaves).


-   Take 1 tsp of loose tea leaves/herbal tea leaves, put inside an infuser, and place this infuser in a teapot. Alternatively, if you are using tea bags, put 1 tea bag in the teapot (for one person). Remember that your cup of tea should be about 170-175 ml.


-   Pour boiled water in the teapot, cover it and allow it to infuse. Different types of tea take different infusing time. You need to experiment with it BUT REMEMBER, your tea would turn bitter if you steep it for long.


For your ready help, the steeping time for Rose Black Tea would be 3-5 minutes (loose tea) or 3-5 minutes (tea bag).

-   After the stipulated time of steeping, remove the infuser/tea bag, pour in a cup, and your delicious sip is ready!



NOTE: If you do not have an infuser, put loose tea leaves in the teapot.


CAUTION: Please do not put tea leaves directly in the cup, add water and drink it. You will not get any benefit out of it.


REMEMBER: When you are drinking such beneficial-to-health teas, refrain yourself from drinking the general milk-sugar boiled tea. 

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