Kids Nutrition

Kids nutrition is the biggest problem in recent days, and it is very important to take care of this part of the life. (we know that we are trying our best to do this but modern advertisements are diverting us from the basics)

This sections will help you in getting solutions for many problems you are facing:

- Immunity

- Improper growth

- Not eating properly

- Low energy, and so on

The following products (scroll down) are of great help for kids nutrition.

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₹895.00 ₹755.00
NUTRILITE® Kids Calcium Magnesium Cocoa Calcium and magnesium are the essential nutrients for a..
₹1,669.00 ₹1,275.00
NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables with natural orange flavor provide 100..
₹729.00 ₹650.00
NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Iron packed with 6 mg of iron per serving with natural raspberry flavour he..
₹1,679.00 ₹1,275.00
NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Natural C is naturally flavored supplement that your children will look fo..
₹1,080.00 ₹950.00
NUTRILITE® Kids Drink (Chocolate Flavour) is a balanced nutritious protein drink with essential vita..
₹865.00 ₹600.00
HERBALIFE Aloe Plus supports digestion and boosts immunity. It helps in better absorption of nutrien..
₹912.00 ₹675.00
HERBALIFE Dinoshake provides essential nutrition that includes protein and key nutrients to meet gro..
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