Low GI Meal

GI (Glycemic Index) of carbohydrates tells us the rate at which carbohydrates would break down and dissolve in our blood.

High GI (>70) carbs dissolved immediately in our body, and raises the blood glucose levels in no time; these carbs are very harmful for our body and SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED. Some examples are sugar, honey, sweets, potatoes, white rice.

Medium GI (between 56 and 69) carbs SHOULD BE CONSUMED IN LIMITED QUANTITY. Some examples are spaghetti, brown rice, oat bran.

Low GI (<55) carbs are the BEST FOR HEALTH. Some examples are cauliflower, French beans, mushrooms, cabbages, cherries, apples.

Health problems arise when we consumer more of high or medium GI carbs and less (in comparison) low GI carbs. 

The following products (scroll down) provide you complete meals with low-GI.

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