Weight Management

'Weight management' is all about getting to your healthy weight. If you are overweight or underweight, you have to get to healthy weight. For this, you need to change your unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. 

It is very important to maintain a BMI <25, at any point of time. Nowadays, our lifestyle has become such that whatever we eat, do not really contribute to weight management. As such, obesity is on the rise.

So, what can be done?

Dietary supplements complement weight management in an excellent manner, without weakening your body or destroying your lean muscles.   

The following products (scroll down) will surely help in your weight management goal.

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₹1,964.00 ₹1,355.00
Cells are the building blocks of life and the smallest form of life as well. Anything that happens i..
₹1,512.00 ₹1,050.00
No matter how hard some people try, they never seem to lose weight. The reason behind this is that t..
₹1,790.00 ₹1,350.00
HERBALIFE Formula-1 Nutritional Shake Mix is specifically formulated with high-quality soy protein i..
₹3,054.00 ₹2,050.00
HERBALIFE Herbal Control is a blend of green, black and oolong teas, and contains caffeine that stim..
₹1,778.00 ₹1,225.00
HERBALIFE Harmonized Multivitamin Mineral and Herbal Tablets provide a unique blend of 23 essential ..
₹425.00 ₹400.00
Made from deliciously healthy apples, the history of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) goes back to 400 BC..
₹1,760.00 ₹1,585.00
Garcinia also contains great amounts of Vitamin C and has been used as a heart tonic traditionally. ..
₹1,020.00 ₹920.00
ZENITH NUTRITION Green Tea extract 400 mg is better because it: Is standardized to 65..
₹1,075.00 ₹970.00
HOW ZENITH  SLIM SHAKE WORKSZENITH SLIM SHAKE can be taken, one-two servings a day along w..
₹1,250.00 ₹1,125.00
Sustained release of protein for absorption for a longer duration ensures optimum utilization of pro..
₹555.00 ₹505.00
Zenith Protein General Health is a source of easily digestible protein. It also has a rich source of..
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