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Growing Kids Health Status

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Growing Kids Health Status

    Every infant and child has the right to good nutrition according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

- Undernutrition is associated with 45% of child deaths.

Globally in 2013,

o    161.5 million children under 5 were estimated to be stunted.

o    50.8 million were estimated to have low weight-for-height.
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o    41.7 million were overweight or obese.

- Few children receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods; in many countries less than a fourth of infants 6–23 months of age meet the criteria of dietary diversity and feeding frequency that are appropriate for their age.

- Increase the number of times that the child is fed:

        - 2-3 meals per day for infants 6-8 months of age and

        - 3-4 meals per day for infants 9-23 months of age,with 1-2 additional snacks as required(use fortified complementary foods or vitamin-mineral supplements as needed)


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