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Good Digestion

'Digestion' is the breakdown of food into smaller essential components that gets absorbed into our bloodstream.

Digestion of food is divided into two parts--(1) the mechanical digestion occurs in the mouth where the food is broken in smaller pieces, and (2) the chemical digestion occurs in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract where the food is broken into much smaller molecules by the enzymes that aid in digestion.

Good digestion turns to bad digestion when factors like (a) stress, (b) untimely eating, (c) staying on empty stomach for long, (d) bad sleeping pattern, (e) not drinking enough water, and (f) overeating affect us. 

The KEY to a 'good health' is 'good digestion'.

The following products (scroll down) would aid in good digestion, that in turn, would help you achieve good health.  

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₹2,146.00 ₹1,505.00
HERBALIFE Activated Fiber Complex is an excellent source of fiber—5 g of balanced soluble and inso..
₹1,450.00 ₹1,015.00
HERBALIFE Activated Fibre contributes to daily dietary fibre intake. Sources of fibre include pea an..
₹989.00 ₹820.00
NUTRILITE® Fiber is a unique blend of three natural soluble fibers, offering a convenient way to get..
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