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Fat Loss

Fat Loss is necessary because excess body fat negatively affects every aspect of our life and includes:


-   increased risk of organ failure

-   increased risk of heart diseases and strokes

-   increased risk of stress

-   increased risk of cancers

-   very poor emotional health

-   very poor self-esteem

-   decreased sexual and reproductive health

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DARJEELING BLACK SUPREME TEA is a premium whole leaf black tea of the best grade. It has golden ti..
DARJEELING GREEN CLASSIC TEA is a whole leaf green tea. It has golden tips that gives best aroma.&..
DARJEELING OOLONG CLASSIC TEA is semi-oxidized tea best known for aiding digestion and melting bod..
DARJEELING SILVER NEEDLE WHITE TEA and White Tea (in general) are famously called the “champagne” ..
GINGER LEMON TEA is a whole leaf black tea infused with 100% ginger and lemon flavors. This tea ha..
MAOFENG CHINESE GREEN TEA is prepared using one of the world’s most sophisticated Chinese methods ..
NUTRITION+ is a whole leaf Assam green tea of superfine grade. It has a blend of moringa, hibiscus ..
SLIM+ is a whole leaf Assam green tea of superfine grade. It has a blend of garicinia cambogia, le..
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