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Human Body Composition

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Human Body Composition

Human Body Composition: Introduction

We have heard/read about human body composition (relating to the 5 Elements of life--the "Law of Nature").

    - Water

    - Earth

    - Air

    - Fire

    - Ether

Now, let's understand each element and its contribution to human body.

Water (Jal

Both older and recent studies state that WATER is the most significant element in human body.

This element contributes to 70% of our bodyweight.

It's imbalance leads to:

- Problem of reproductive organs  

- Blood clotting/thinning 

- Asthma

- Urination problems  

- Swelling

- Cold  

Well-balanced Water leads to

- Spirituality and healing

Earth (Prithvi)

This means the minerals like calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron etc. which are present on/in earth (as Planet).

This element contributes to 12% of our bodyweight.

It's imbalance leads to:

- Obesity (weight imbalance)

- Cholesterol-related issues

- Weakness

- Bone- and muscle-related problems (most common are calcium and iron deficiency)

Well-balanced Earth leads to:

- Stability, peace and harmony

Fire (Agni) 

There are different type of fires but here we are concerned with 'fire of the stomach'; in simple terms, "the important part of our Digestion".

This element contributes to 4% of our bodyweight.

It's imbalance leads to:

- Skin diseases

- Acidity-related issues

- Temperature imbalance of the body

- Coldness or fever

- Diabetes

Well-balanced Fire leads to:

- Power, confidence and fame

Air (Vayu

This means oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and other gaseous compounds which goes in human body and help in almost all the chemical reaction/process to be executed successfully.

This element contributes to 6% of our bodyweight.

It's imbalance leads to:

- Blood pressure problems 

- Lung disorders

- Depression

- Nerve disorders

- Other physical problems  

- Mental disorders

Well-balanced Air leads to:

- Movements, joy and happiness

- Mental stability

Ether (Aakaash) 

The empty spaces in body also contributes to human bodyweight.

This element contributes to 8% of the bodyweight.

It's imbalance leads to:

- Throat problems

- Speech disorders

- Thyroid disorders

- Madness  

Well-balanced Ether leads to:

- Expansion and enhancement

These 5 elements always works hand-in-hand, and imbalance of any one element can interrupt the functions of other element, and cause severe health problems.

Almost all the elements get inside our body via food & water. Hence, BALANCING the 5 ELEMENTS is VITAL.

Now, we know that 1 question is popping in your mind; "What role does "EXERCISE" play in remaining healthy?"

Exercise helps us in regulating the element of Fire (which we call as Metabolism).

Bottom Line

METABOLISM is the key, for which the prime focus should be on 'Regular Exercise, Proper Diet, Maintaining required Bodyweight, Maintaining Required Body Fat'.

FIRE actually plays an important role in consuming the other elements in appropriate way, which can help a human being in a number of ways.


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