Raskam-Omega 3 (60 capsules)

Raskam-Omega 3 (60 capsules)

Brand: Raskam Healthcare
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RASKAM-Omega 3 by Raskam Healthcare contains EPH and DHA that...

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RASKAM-Omega 3 by Raskam Healthcare contains EPH and DHA that prevent the body from storing fat and help make lean muscles. Omega-3 also makes the body attractive and gives it a great shape.


-    Excellent anti-inflammatory effect

-    Crucial for brain development and functioning

-    Anti-ageing and longevity

-    Improves skin health 

-    Helps to reduce cholesterol levels

-    Helps in proper blood circulation 

-    Aids in fat loss

-    Beneficial for skin health

DISCLAIMER: This product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Pregnant and lactating women should check with the physician before using the product

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