Anabolic Mass Gainer (1 kg)

Anabolic Mass Gainer (1 kg)

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MUSCLE EPITOME™ Anabolic Mass Gainer is an immaculate mix of whey protein and...

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MUSCLE EPITOME™ Anabolic Mass Gainer is an immaculate mix of whey protein and milk protein; invigorated with glutamine, creatine, minerals & vitamins, all of which would give vital sustenance to greatest mass gain and lean muscle growth. It underpins perseverance, recuperation and general well-being with amino acids originating from its rich protein mix.

- It has high vitality glycogen support and low glycemic record equation. It contains lactose and protease digestive compounds to help absorption and improve digestion system

- It contains glutamine and its antecedents which bolsters incline mass increases, recuperation and invulnerable framework capacity

- It has BCAAs (leucine, valine & isoleucine) which bolster repair and development of cells


·         Size and strength

·         Sustained protein release system

·         Low glycemic complex carbs

·         High protein efficiency  ratio

·         Helps maximize lean muscle weight gain

·         Ideal for before or after workouts, high in calories

·         Instantized for easy mixing and digestibility

·         Optimum nitrogen balance and guaranteed lean muscle mass gain through the combination of casein, whey protein              isolate, hydrolyzed and concentrates

DISCLAIMERThis product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Pregnant and lactating women, and if you have any medical condition(s), consult a physician before using the product. Use only as directed.

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