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Fat Loss

'Fat', one of the required macronutrients, is a natural oily substance occurring in human body, and deposited as a layer under the skin (subcutaneous fat) and around certain organs (visceral fat). Body fat includes 'essential body fat' (necessary to maintain life and reproduction functions) and 'storage body fat'.

Essential to human life, we need fat (in very limited portion) in our diets because it (1) is a concentrated source of energy, (2) provides a cushion to help protect our vital organs, (3) contains Essential Fatty Acids, (4) enables our body to process vitamins A, D, E and K, and (5) makes food taste better.

SADLY, most of us are not able to control fat intake in normal range; we tend to go overboard with fat (mainly because food tastes good with it) and as a result, end up with very high body fat %... over time.

Then we get stressed out about losing fat, and look for quick ways and means for fat loss.  

The following products (scroll down) will help you in losing the excess body fat. FOR FAT LOSS, 'PATIENCE' IS THE KEY. Results vary for every individual and you need to stick to whichever dietary supplement you choose.

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₹1,139.00 ₹950.00
NUTRILITE® All Plant Protein Powder provides you protein from tri-blend of soy, wheat &..
₹1,061.00 ₹755.00
HERBALIFE Personalized Protein Powder is a complete protein, including all 9 essential amino acids. ..
₹2,347.00 ₹1,849.00
NUTRILITE® Protein with Green Tea is a green tea flavored protein that provides you the goodness of ..
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